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About Bullfinch

Jarek Gil – vocals, acoustic guitar, music, lyrics

jarek-gil-2Jarek Gil is the driving force behind the band. Bass player, guitar player, singer, songwriter and a wedding musician… He also sings and plays bass in a Zielona Góra (Poland) based coverband Cadillac. Has a PhD in technical science in civil engineering (building acoustics). A father and a husband. It doesn’t seem so when listening to his music, but Jarek is a very cheerful person. His dark songs and lyrics are a valve for the usual fears of an adult human being. It is better to express your darkest thoughts in music rather than to hold them inside, only to let them get out in an uncontrollable way later anyway.

Krzysiek “Tapchan” Fiałka – bass

krzysiek-fialka-2Bass player, sucker for applause and a raconteur. An enthusiast of the golden drink without the foam. Remembers every trip to town and every third return home. For ten years he has looked exactly as old as he is this year. Tells hermetic jokes, which – when taken out of context – can lead to a 5 year prison sentence. Ah – and he is a fantastic bass player as well. Frontman of a blues band called Mamy Prąd and a bass player in a coverband called Aby Do Rana.

Przemek Kińczyk – guitar

przemek-kinczyk-2He’s somewhere between Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Matt Bellamy and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, but very original in addition to that. Forced to play mostly the acoustic guitar in this band, but usually shreds in a blues band called Mamy Prąd. He is a proud father and a very good fork lift driver.

Marek “Kielu” Kieloch – drums & percussion

marek-kieloch-2A drummer with heavy hands and great energy – forced to gently stroke the drums and cajon in this band. He is mainly a drummer, master or wedding receptions and menager of the cover band Cadillac. When noone’s looking, he will grab the guitar himself. After a gig – ask him to play something, he will surely oblige.